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Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 04.10.2016
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Iakushev Aleksandr Nikolaevich , candidate of jurisprudence sciences, docent , доцент
FSBEI of HE "G.V. Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г

«Разрушение механизма взаимоконтроля между государственными органами как одна из причин распада СССР»

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In the present work the author examines the causes of the Soviet collapse. As the researcher of this work marks, the answer must be sought by analyzing the impact of the country's leadership decisions on the potential viability of the state. It is the implementation of non-power plans and methods of destruction Soviet State scrapie led to a geopolitical disaster, the consequences of which will affect many generations of the citizens of the former USSR.